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*Integrated Cosmic Energy Healing for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder):* ADHD is the medical term for an inability to sustain attention or focus. ADHD is a condition of the brain that makes it difficult for children to sit still and pay attention. The accompanying condition of ADHD are as follows: A) Depression. B) Learning disabilities such as, forgetfulness, impatience and excessive talking. C) Conduct related disorders especially those related to aggression and defiance. D) Anxiety issues and mood disorders. E) Sleep disorders It is necessary to heal ADHD, as this condition is highly detrimental for the self-esteem of one who is suffering from it. *The condition of ADHD can be healed by Integrated Cosmic Energy Healing Technique.* The person who suffers from ADHD will have imbalance of Chakra Energy, the left and right hemisphere of the brain will be unsynchronised and regenerative capacity of the brain (neuroplasticity) will be lowered. Integrated Cosmic Energy Healing Technique which combines Chakra and Aura Healing, Reiki and Quantum Remote Healing can activate the energy centres or Chakras, establish balance between them and enhance neuroplasticity, thereby healing the condition of ADHD. Training is given for healing of ADHD and other diseases of the brain and Central Nervous System in the Advance course of Integrated Cosmic Energy Healing for Brain and Central Nervous System. It is a 3-month Online Training Program, which is conducted after 1-month Training of Integrated Cosmic Energy Healing for Brain and Central Nervous System Basic Course. *Fourth batch of Integrated Cosmic Energy Healing for Brain and Central Nervous System (Basic Course) is starting from 14th April and will continue upto 13th May, 2018. If someone wants to become healer par excellence of Brain and Central Nervous System then, he or she must attend both Basic and Advance Level training of Integrated Cosmic Energy Healing of Brain and Central Nervous System.* Integrated Cosmic Energy Healing for Brain and Central Nervous System is an Innovative Training Program of "Institute of Peace, Happiness and Mind Power Development , Jaipur, India .
Improve the intelligence of a child by Cosmic Healing : Cosmic energy has tremendous healing capabilities even on remote mode. It can heal physical, mental and emotional issues. Lesser known fact is, " Cosmic Energy Healing can boost the Intelligence of a child. " There are multiple reasons why it happens and these reasons are mentioned below : 1) Cosmic Energy healing balances both the hemispheres of brain.. 2) It increases neural grey matter thickness of certain brain regions which play a significant role in intelligence. 3) Cosmic Energy Healing sets the right brain wave frequencies for flow of universal abundance. 4) It enhances both short and long term memories. 5) Cosmic Energy boosts insight and intuition. Therefore, the parents who really love their children immensely and want a quantum leap in their intellectual development , should use the Techniques of Cosmic Energy Healing to boost the intelligence of their children either by learning these Techniques or by taking Cosmic Healing services from experts.
*Be Powerful, be a Cosmic Healer:* This is a Quantum Universe. In this Universe, the Energy is displaying itself in three forms: Quanta , Quark and Qualia. Quanta is waveform energy, Quark is particle form energy and Qualia - the consciousness (the transformation of atoms and molecules into mental events - feelings, sensations, dreams). *A Cosmic Healer is one who is able to harness the energy of the universe both in wave and particle form and by using the power of these two forms can influence the Consciousness or manifestation energy* Qualia for manifestation of good health, prosperity, peace and happiness. *By learning Cosmic Energy Healing from an expert a person can become very powerful.* Direct connection with the Universal Energy and Superconscious Intelligence makes a Cosmic Healer a Magician who can create miracles by healing such physical, mental, emotional, financial, relationship issues which are highly complex. Institute of Peace, Happiness and Mind Power Development, Jaipur, is a World Class Institute which provides solutions to various life problems by Cosmic Energy Healing. Even planetary energy problems are healed. Learn various Cosmic Energy Healing Techniques from the Institute and become a powerful magician of Quantum Energy Field. *Two such trainings are in the offing immediately. Integrated Cosmic Energy Healing (Chakra and Aura Healing, Reiki and Quantum Healing - Basic) in Whatsapp mode from 14th December to 13th January and Rescripting Astropsychology by Cosmic Brain Programming and Reiki Healing at Delhi from 22nd to 25th December, 2017.* If you want to become a magician of cosmic energy, please do attend the Trainings.
*Integrated Cosmic Energy Healing for Brain and Central Nervous System - A Unique Technique for Inner Upgradation:* In order to live a highly successful life in personal and professional front, we need to excel in everything - *decision making, action, behaviour, confidence, courage, emotional balance, sense of responsibility, stress absorption capacity, intuitive and innovative ideas, etc*. This is possible if synchrinocity is established between our brain and the Universal Brain manifested through Cosmic Energy. Institute of Peace, Happiness and Mind Power Development has designed a Training Program on Integrated Cosmic Energy Healing for Brain and Central Nervous System which establishes Cosmic Synchrinocity by enhancing *neuroplasticity, Whole Brain Synchronisation and Chakra activation.* Training of Integrate Cosmic Energy Healing has been imparted to 3 batches on online mode. Training of the fourth batch is in progress. This Training which is being taken to classroom mode and Group classes will be held in Delhi & Jaipur. Dates: *12th and 13th May (Delhi) & 26th to 27th May, 2018 (Jaipur)*. For a positive transformation in life, this Training is must. *Energy Exchange: 6800/- (5900/- till 30th April 2018)* YouTube video:
Convert failure to success by integrating Cosmic Energy Healing in day to day life : " Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill If we ponder over what differentiates an average person from one who has achieved stupendous success , we will realise that it be the intensity of enthusiasm that has helped the highly successful person such great heights. So enthusiasm is a key factor for success. According to Bo Benett , a famous author from USA , "Enthusiaism is not the same as being excited . One gets excited in going on a roller coaster . One gets enthusiastic in creating and building a roller coaster." Enthusiasm is a divine inspiration and zeal is diligent enthusiasm. The divine inspiration is indicative of Cosmic Connection of enthusiasm. Hence enthusiasm can be cultivated by connecting oneself with the Cosmic Energy . There are two ways for that : Thousands of hours of Meditation or learning techniques of Cosmic Energy Healings. If some one wants to cultivate enthusiasm for being unstoppable in life , one must opt for one of the two. If cultivation of enthusiasm by learning Cosmic Energy Healing is the goal , then , "Institute of Peace , Happiness and Mind Power Development , Jaipur " is a one point destination. Contact us , learn techniques of Cosmic Energy Healings , become an untiring source of divine inspiration and achieve success in life.

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