Age Rejuvenation

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Booking Charges

Rs.500/- (Includes consultation & 1 healing session)

  • Booking charges Rs.500/- payable towards Consultation fee.
  • Includes 1 complimentary healing.

Age Rejuvenation

What Is the Disease and What Is This Service About?

  • As people age, the decline is a given for everyone.
  • This decline is predetermined by the genetic blueprint of each person, a group of characteristics about a person’s constitution that factor into how their body can cope with imbalances, aging, and illness. You can do nothing about aging, and it constantly happens to you.
  • Even the healthiest person experiences symptoms of aging. At times, symptoms of decline and aging can creep up on younger people. Energy is flowing constantly; however, it can become blocked.
  • It can lead to fatigue, stress, and illness, but Reiki and Quantum Healing can clear it.
    As we age, the human body tends to deplete itself and can find itself short of Mental Strength; Physical Strength; Digestive enzymes; organs, muscles, skin firmness; joints and muscles flexibility; skin elasticity, hormones, lubrication fluid, and nutrients.
  • These depletions are caused by excessive air in the body. Age rejuvenation comprises treatments that cause your skin and face to appear more youthful.
  • It can help to make you feel and look younger, improving your skin’s natural glow. Our rejuvenation program has been designed to improve the overall health of people by addressing his/her entire body based on holistic principles at an affordable price.

Who Benefits from the service?

  1. It is tough to determine the perfect age for getting an age rejuvenation as every patient is different. However, elderly people are vulnerable to failing health and diseases, and with failing, health age advances.
  2. The process of aging is synonymous with failing health.
  3. Some people in their late 20s notice visible signs of aging. Often lifestyle factors such as the amount of sunlight the skin is exposed to, the stress level of the patient, and their diet have a direct effect on the aging process.
  4. We can find a suitable treatment for patients, no matter their age.
  5. We will help patients, even in their 20s and 30s, prevent the aging process from prematurely starting and get rid of dynamic wrinkles.
  6. After treatment, people in their 50s and 40s will look healthier and younger.
  7. Those people in their 60s and beyond can gracefully age with the help of our Reiki and Quantum Healing, which support their bodies, lending them a youthful glow.