Rescripting Astro Psychology Healing

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Rs.500/- per session

Booking Charges

Rs.500/- (Includes consultation & 1 healing session)

  • Booking charges Rs.500/- payable towards Consultation fee.
  • Includes 1 complimentary healing.

Rescripting Astro Psychology Healing

What Is the Disease and What Is This Service About?

  • We achieve glittering success in different spheres of life whereas mediocre in others.
  • Also, there are certain instances where we are a total failure.
  • There are various examples of people failing in several attempts and achieving miraculous success at later stages of their life.
  • The miraculous successes are because of synchronicity attainment and the inflow of some brilliant ideas in line with their inner strengths’ vibrational frequency.
  • When correlated with the astrological chart, the causes of this synchronicity may be identified and attributed to the influence of cosmic energy that is manifested through the placement of benefic planets in the charts of the persons.
  • The periods of synchronicity with the cosmic frequency at the perfect age are vital for growth in life.
  • This synchronicity provides a positive shift to these psychological aspects that are under the influence of this planetary confluence.
  • The innovative technique that stimulates the condition of synchronicity for various aspects by Quamtum Healing and Cosmic Brain Programming is referred to as Rescripting Astro Psychology.
  • In Rescripting Astro psychology healing, first, the planetary energy of the various houses of the astrological chart of a person is deciphered in detail.
  • Then, the rescripting of Astro Psychological Energy is carried out by Quantum Healing..
  • This is performed to transform the energy from malefic to benefic. By performing so, the neurons in the brain, the DNA, and the cells are energized, replicating the energy of benefic planetary confluence.
  • By sincerely practicing this technique of Rescripting Astro Psychology, we can generate positive energy in people at a deeper level and help them achieve success in the field of their desire.

Who Benefits from the service?

  • Our therapy sessions are beneficial for anyone who fails to succeed in their life, those suffering from emotional trauma, or those with any health issues. It is absolutely safe for people of any gender or age group.
  • These therapies and services are received by people in every section of society and every field of occupation at easily affordable and quite reasonable service charges.
  • Rescripting Astro Psychology Healing creates an environment of 360-degree peace, happiness, and success.
  • We, with Rescripting Astro Psychology Healing, can help people take a step towards a better future and also motivate others to follow a similar practice religiously.
  • After gaining insight into the response of a person in different situations, we can predict his/her success and failure pattern.