I have always been sceptical of alternative medicine as a pharmacist. But the system of this Institution which includes both scientific and ancient methods such as Reiki has really astonished me. I can see that some improvement has taken place in my patients who attend these classes.
Dr. Ravi Kapoor
The healing sessions offered by The Institute are incredible. I couldn't make it, but the distant Reiki Sessions helped me let go of pent-up sadness and revived my energy. Now I feel much energized., I feel empowered to create a more fulfilling life.Now, I feel empowered to create a more fulfilling life.
Sanjay Mehta
The Cosmic Brain Programming for Health course opened my eyes! I acquired knowledge on how to change my negative thinking patterns and better my general health. In case you want to have well-rounded knowledge on health, then I recommend this course highly.
Aisha Sharma
Business Women
When I was in a severe academic dilemma, the Institute’s knowledge on stars and planets concerning my life was very useful as it gave more understanding while full of dilemma on what to take as a course. I advise any student who are sailing through their educational of which subject to subscribe for it.
Rajiv Malhotra
Business Men
For me to venture into my own spirituality, I feel secure and encouraged at the Institute. The relationship between me and the world has been made deeper by the Cosmic Consciousness Module. It has been a completely changing experience."
Neha Malhotra
The Institute had the right online course for me, I needed “Mindfulness for Daily Life”. I do so much at home that the course became useful in terms its being provided with strategies on coping with stress, paying attention and meditating on our lives as human beings. I have found it useful when facing my daily issues as they come.
Ankita Das