Body Illness

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Rs.500/- per session

Booking Charges

Rs.500/- (Includes consultation & 1 healing session)

  • Booking charges Rs.500/- payable towards Consultation fee.
  • Includes 1 complimentary healing.

Body Illness

What Is the Disease and What Is This Service About?

  • The generalized diseases of a person’s body are classified as diseases of the digestive system, respiratory system, urinary tract diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, diseases common to children, would, headache, vertigo, diabetes, gynecological diseases, skin disease, fever, diseases of mouth, ears, and eyes.
  • Holistic Healing is highly useful as a curative or preventive measure for all these diseases. We provide cost-effective healing therapies that are holistic and incorporated into critical care.
  • In the world of robust use of complicated procedures, surgeries, and pharmaceuticals, it is reassuring to know our body can heal itself through various holistic approaches.
  • Reiki and Quantum healing helps to take care of all generalized body illnesses by balancing the flow of the vital energy present in the body.
  • Also, these techniques help to balance the immune system so that the body becomes competent enough to fight against disease-causing germs.
  • Based on the principles of entrainment and resonance, Quantum Healing escalates the energy level in the body through visualization techniques.
  • Reiki uses lots of special symbols to channel the universe’s energy to heal the body. Both Quantum Healing and Reiki help in curing various body illnesses.
  • These techniques work as an excellent support system along with routine medical treatment for faster recovery.

Who Benefits from the service?

  • Holistic Healing treats a person’s entire body, spirit, and mind as one to address the underlying causes of the body’s illness and enhance overall wellness.
  • These therapies have proven to be quite beneficial in helping people of all ages relieve stress, overcome vices, sleeplessness, and so on.
  • Our expert practitioners remotely working in soothing and calm environments prove effective in revamping the health of patients from within.
  • Reiki and Quantum Healing are adapted easily to most medical situations and are safe for the elderly, the frail, surgical patients, pregnant women, and children.
  • Holistic care under the supervision of our experts has been shown to help patients better manage their health more effectively.