Auto-Immune Disease

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Rs.500/- (Includes consultation & 1 healing session)

  • Booking charges Rs.500/- payable towards Consultation fee.
  • Includes 1 complimentary healing.

Auto-Immune Disease

What Is the Disease and What Is This Service About?

  • Auto-immune disease is one whereby the immune system of the body malfunctions and attacks healthy cells. Usually, the immune system protects the body against viruses and bacteria.
  • When it senses any foreign invaders, its task is to send out one army of fighters to attack them. In most cases, the immune system can differentiate between a person’s cells and foreign cells.
  • In the case of an auto-immune disease, the immune system of a person mistakes parts of own body of a person, like skin, joints, etc., as a foreign body.
  • So, it releases proteins named antibodies that attack the person’s healthy cells. To date, the exact cause of auto-immune disease is not known to researchers and doctors.
  • In Reiki, the power of spiritual energy is used to heal the body and thus improve its overall balance. The idea behind it is to restore the disturbed or blocked energy pathways to normal for the energy to flow properly.
  • As trained practitioners, we use specific hand positions to encourage the flow of the patient’s energy.
  • Quantum healing can upgrade the immune system’s intelligence by removing energy blockages.
  • Thus, the immune system can slowly differentiate between healthy cells and foreign viruses/bacteria and other elements. Once the immune system’s intelligence is restored, the body will begin to get cured of the disease.

Who Benefits from the service?

  • The auto-immune disease might affect people of any background or age. When developing these diseases, the symptoms may vary from mild to debilitating, reducing the sufferer’s quality of life.
  • Irrespective of the nature of the auto-immune condition, one suffering from this disease can benefit from Reiki. Reiki can help with anxiety, depression, and fatigue, which are common in Lupus patients.
  • Also, it can treat skin itching and rashes and helps with physical pain, including burning, cramping, muscle pain, joint swelling, and itching.
  • People are claiming improvements in their Multiple Sclerosis symptoms after undergoing even one Reiki session from us.
  • Some benefits Reiki offers for MS patients include reducing depression and improving mood; reducing anxiety; helping with pain; and improving immune function.
  • It is worth mentioning that Reiki benefits people with Lyme disease with improved mood, reduced pain, lower stress levels, and better sleep quality.
  • Our treatment is safe for most individuals, including the elderly, pregnant women, and children.